Our motto: “I don’t seek, I find” (Pablo Picasso)

Finding and hiring the right talent for your company are one of the most important steps towards strong business growth.

You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. It takes innovation, commitment and understanding the client and its specific needs on a downward trend in labor market.

We are part of the top leaders in integrated services provision aimed in particular, but not solely, at the hospitality industry. Our company is committed to building comprehensive solutions of management, recruitment and training, along with specific equipment proposals for the performance of activities at highest level.

By following our customer-oriented business conduct policy, with customizable bundles and full-service, and through our constant care for development and provision of high quality services, we succeeded in outshining competitors and building trust in our partners. Hotel Staff is present in clients’ preferences given our flexibility, care of customers and ongoing service development.

Hotel Staff gains constantly new clients and partners, but remains loyal to previous ones through an efficient trade policy, quality service on time and tailored solutions to meet each customer’s requirements.

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