Our courses are based on the research of the practical situations at the workplace of several hundreds of managers and employees.

Features of our training programs:

  • We work collaboratively with the company's management or shareholders
  • The program’s content is practical
  • We engage our training participants using relevance and applicability
  • The atmosphere is flexible, informal and professional
  • We're aiming to motivate participants and increase their energy levels, along with improving skills and job satisfaction
  • We contribute to the development and pitch of a career map to engage and retain staff

Training classes and bundle packages destined to hoteliers are based on specific needs and cover a wide array:

  • Management of the hotel, boarding house or restaurant
  • Operations management, including Cost Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Effective communication in the Digital Era
  • Specific software development and implementation
  • Non-Financial incentives to motivate employees
  • Rating of the customer satisfaction and suggestions for service improvement
  • Customer complaint management
  • 360° Feedback - It's best when everything's going smoothly, but how do you make sure the team works at its best? The 360° Feedback Programme guarantees your employees access not only to how they see themselves, but also to how they are perceived by their peers through teamwork.
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